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  I found and highly recommend it to you for your hajj and umrah needs.

makkah al mukarama map
  ziarat places has a history that goes back 1400 years or more. one visit to these holy places are not enough to explorer and learn about all the details. if you get a good guide while staying in makkah will make your umrah more enjoyable.
Makkah ziarat package details
  • Mountain Hira - Jjabal e Noor, ghare) of Hira
  • Cave (ghare) of thaur (saur)
  • Birth place of the holy prophet saw
  • Mosque jin
  • Mount abu qubais
  • Masjid bilal
  • Mosque fatha
  • Mosque shajra (mosque of tree)
  • Jannat al-mualla
  • Mina, arafat, muzalafah,
  • Jamarat
  • Mosque of khaief, in mina
  • Mosque nimra, use in haj arafat
  • Mosque mash al haram, in muzalifa
  • Wadie mehsar, ababil and abra elephant
  • Gare mina, surah mursalat send on mountain
  • Mosaue uqaba
  • Prophet ibraheem as and son ismaeel as place
  • Neehr zubaida arafat
  • Mosque fakhra, arafat beside mountain rehmad, adam
  • Last kutba of holy prophet, beside mountain rehmah
  • Wadi e urna, ouside arafat border
  • Mosque ejaba
  information about ziarat in makkah
  Inside al haram - al kaba
  • The holy ka'aba. the house of allah and the birth place of imam ali b. abi taalib ra
  • Hajar al-aswad (the black stone)
  • Maqam ibrahim
    hijr ismail. this was the location of the house of prophet ismael ra. he and his mother are buried here. he denied access to anyone because he did not like it to be walked on. other prophets are buried in this place also. according to imam baqir ra, the place between rukn and maqam is full of graves of the prophets. according to imam sadiq ra, seventy prophets are buried between rukn al-aiman and hajar al-aswad
  • Well of zamzam
  • Mizabe rahmah: the golden trough (water channel) between rukn iraqi and rukn shami
  • Shadharwan
  • Mustajar: this is just before rukn yamani whilst walking from rukn shami to rukn yamani. it has also been defined as the area between the black stone (hajar al-aswad) and the door of the ka'aba
  • Mutaawadh or multazam: the place between rukn yamani and the black stone (hajar al-aswad)
  • Hatwim. according to the book "adabul haramain", this is the place between the door of the ka'aba and hajar al-aswad. it is called hatwim "the smasher" because it smashes major and minor sins of one who seeks forgiveness here. it is said that this is the place where adam ra was forgiven. according to the book ""umra & ziyarat", this is the place where prophet ismail, his mother and many other prophets are buried. see hijr ismail above.
  • Rukn al-aiman (the right-handside corner of the ka'aba).this is opposite the black stone behind the house. the prophet as said "whenever i come at this point, i find jibril is already there before me." imam al-sadiq ra said: "rukn al-aiman is our gate to paradise". he also said: "in this place is one of the doors of paradise that has never been closed since it was opened. there is a river from paradise in which deeds of the servants are dropped." also called rukn al-junubi. it comes before the black stone corner.
  • Rukn shami/gharbi. this is the corner of the ka'aba that comes after hijr ismail
  • Rukn al-sharqi. this is the corner where hajar al-aswad rests.
  • Rukn al-shimali / iraqi. this is corner that comes after the ka'aba's door before one reaches hijr ismail.
  • Mount safa. when going to safa for sa'y, use the same door that the prophet as used, which is bab as-safa, opposite the black stone.
  • Mount marwa
  Jannat al-mualla (cemetery in makkah)
  Also known as al-hajun. the prophet as used to visit it frequently. it is the 2nd holiest graveyard after baqi. those buried here include:
  • Abd manaf: great, great-grandfather of the holy prophet as
  • Grave of hashim: great-grandfather of the holy prophet as
  • Grave of abdul muttalib: grandfather of the holy prophet as
  • Grave of amina: mother of the holy prophet as
  • According to another source, amina is buried in abwa (between makkah and madina) - where the 7th imam ra was born
  • Grave of abu talib: father of first imam ali ra
  • Grave of khadija: first wife of the holy prophet as and mother of sayyida fatima ra
  • Qasim: son of the holy prophet as who died in his infancy
  Amongst the famous scholars buried in the graveyard of hajun are:
  • Marhum agha mirza muhammad al-istrabadi - author of rijal al-kabir wa ayat al-ahkam
  • Sayyid mir muhammad mu'min al-istrabadi author of al-ruj'a. he lived near makkah
  • Sayyid al-shahid mir zeinul abideen al-husseini al-kashani. he was martyred in makkah and buried in a grave he had chosen himself in the graveyard of mu'alla. he was amongst those who laid the foundation of the house after it was demolished.
  • Sheikh muhammad son of the author of al-maalim. his grave lies near the grave of khadija ra
  • Ibn sheikh muhammad - buried beside his father. used to take a lot of care in matters concerning ihtiyat (caution) and fear of allah
  Explanation of ziarat places
  • Jabal nur. the mount on which the cave of hira is found
  • Cave (ghar) of hira. the cave where the holy prophet saw used to meditate frequently during the first forty years of his life. this is also the place he received the first revelation
  • Cave of thaur. the cave where the holy prophet saw hid from his enemies when migrating to madina
  • Birth place of the holy prophet saw situated near "suq lail". presently a library by the name of "maktaba makkah al-mukarramah"
  • The house of khadija ra and birth place of fatima ra
    this is where the prophet saw lived until he migrated. it is where khadija ra died and where fatima ra was born. it is also the place where the meccans had planned to kill the prophet saw on the night of hijrat and imam ali ra slept in his place. it is a place where jibrail used to descend with revelations from allah
  • House of ibrahim ra, the son of the holy prophet saw who died in infancy
  • House of abu talib ra, father of imam ali ra
  • Masjid jin
  • Masjid bilal
  • Mount abu qubais. near this is the place where the prophet saw performed the miracle of splitting the moon in two
  • Saraf - about two farsakhs from makkah. maimuna, wife of the prophet saw, is buried here
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